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We have the largest stock of Pre-Owned Hand Fed Platen's

in the U.K.


Crosland Viking platen

General features:

  • Machine size: 260x175 cm
  • Gluing speed: 2 m/s
  • Handling system operated by 3 brushless motors
  • Linear guides for high performance
  • Programming with Tablet, Android OS, Wi-Fi Communications
  • 4 workstations
  • Hot melt glue system complete with gear pump (tank capacity 5/10/15 kg), gun with Cavity Zero
  • Vinyl glue system complete with pneumatic pump and gun with Cavity Zero
  • Steel structure plotter


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Tunker litho laminator

Phoenix is the glue plotter specifically designed for companies that manufacture Exhibitors, Window Signs, Totems, Pall Box, Displays, Packaging and much more. 
We use hot-melt glue plotters and glue plotters for PVA. 

Thanks to the structure and components used, Phoenix guarantees: 
• High quality of gluing
• High production speed (2 m/s, effective) 
• Easy programming
• Quick change of job
• Absolute mechanical reliability 

Only Phoenix ensures our customers achieving effective market goals: 
• Increasing quality
• Ever shorter delivery times
• Always more competitive prices

Tosi die cut platen

Phoenix with Elevators

The independent elevators were manufactured to meet the following: 
• Reduce downtime between a load and another (loading height 700mm) 
• Get a better quality of gluing because the distance between the glue plotter and cardboard remains constant
• Ability to handle different heights of cardboards: elevators can indeed work individually or together for large formats
• They are completely independent from the plotter
• Extremely easy loading and adjustment of cardboards register 


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